About KôZ


Our Beginning:
In 2013, we intentionally joined together as a group of friends out of Lincoln, NE. Our hearts were being moved to bring dignity, encouragement and spiritual hope to the urban poor in developing countries. Seeing precious people suffer grievously all across our globe moved us deeply. So, together, we opened up our lives and made ourselves available. We challenged each other and prayed earnestly for a next step.

Our first opportunity for real impact was evident in the Philippines. Through a series of visits, we fell in love with some young people and a school in Manila and were inspired to do everything we could to give the students opportunities that were out of their reach. These connections supercharged our desires and goals! Out of this passion, KôZ was birthed.

Our Inspiration:
We are focused on creating education opportunities for children in urban poor communities. Our inspiration is to see children experience and know the love of Christ. We desire to see them walk in their true identities and witness them living with freedom and joy. We do so because we are compelled by the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that He came that we might all have life to the full. Because of the hope we have, we endeavor to give hope to others.

*KoZ International is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by the law.