How We Work

Our Process

We sponsor a school in Cainta, Rizal, which is located just southeast of Manila, Philippines. We enroll at-risk youth who have dropped out of public school due to poverty. Through level-specific curriculum, consistent relationships, and high accountability, we give these students a chance to pursue their education again. We intentionally create an environment that is challenging, supportive, and transformative in every way.

Our school and its students are supported financially by KôZ Sponsors – generous people whose hearts are burdened for at-risk kids in developing countries. Sponsorships provide qualified teachers, leadership developers, nutritious meals, basic medical and dental assistance, secure learning facilities, school supplies and an education thru college. All of our students will either graduate from college or a qualified vocational training institute.

Working Together


Students in our school come from local informal settlements where clean water, basic medicine, electricity, and space are difficult – sometimes impossible – to come by. They and their families experience incredible challenges on a daily basis. In the face of obstacles and trials, these kids experience the success and inspiration born of renewed hope. Our students and their success is our aim!


Our professional teaching staff is made up of loving Filipino leaders who have gained credentials for teaching at local universities. They give sacrificially of their hearts and time as they pour into the lives of their students each and every day. They are pastors, counselors, and teachers who work to give at-risk youth every possible chance to succeed.


Our sponsors and donors make financial contributions toward our mission of providing education, opportunity and hope to at-risk youth in the Philippines. In addition, sponsors take time to encourage their student’s through communication as well as prayer.

How To Partner


KôZ Student Sponsor

Our KoZ Student Sponsorship program is designed to give individuals like you a unique connection with an individual student. This gives you a name and a face to encourage, to pray for, to inspire. We have found that the encouragement and prayer from a Sponsor makes a significant impact on the young people here.The success and persistence of a young person to persist in spite of constant obstacles is significantly enhanced by the love and support of a Sponsor.

Would you consider embracing an opportunity to greatly encourage a student in a way that brings them inspiration, courage and hope? Would you consider being a KoZ Student Sponsor?

KôZ Donor

Our passion is to give at-risk youth a second chance at completing their education. We are eager to see their heart hopes restored – educationally, physically, and spiritually. We presently sponsor one school in Cainta, Rizal which is reaching nearly 175 students. In the future we have a desire to start a new school in a different urban poor community to reach other young people equally desperate for change and opportunity.

Your financial investment can make these goals a reality. Would you consider becoming a KôZ Donor and be a part of our mission to bring education, opportunity and hope to young people in Manila?